My week in workouts

PetoneHi there,

Just a quick update to let you all know what i’ve been up to. I’ve been a bit slack updating the blog, but only because i’ve been so busy out running!

This week my workouts have been:
Monday: 30 minute swim (30 laps, 1km)
Tuesday: 9.10km – 50 minute progression run, First 3km at 6.10 pace, then picking up the pace (5:40, 5.20, 5.10, 5.00, 5.00) then cool down
Wednesday: 8.15km – 55 minute hill run with a 300m elevation.
Thursday: Rest – My favourite
Friday: 7km – 43 minute easy run ahead of a big run on Saturday
Saturday: 28km – 2:39:50 loooooonnnnng run
Sunday: Rest day – Before I do it all again next week!

It was a pretty successful week overall, totalling over 52km of running!

As Marathon day draws closer (9 weeks away) I am really noticing a big increase in the time I am needing to spend training. I have been trying to get training over and done with in the mornings so I can still do things with my evenings, but it does make for some early stars before work!!

Yesterday I completed my longest run. For those of you familiar with Wellington, I ran from town to Petone and back.It ended up being 28km and took 2:30:50. It was supposed to be an easy run but I was feeling good so ending up going slightly faster. It was a long time to be on my feet for, but I still felt like I could have gone further at the end, and today I feel like I could do it all again, so that’s a good sign! I took two gels along the way, but unfortunately I didn’t take any water with me and there wasn’t any fountains along the way, so I was rather parched by the end.

I think I need to invest in a hydration belt. I probably only need one with room for one bottle and some gels. What would people recommend?

My other question is how do did other people run before their first marathon?

Hope all is well xx

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4 thoughts on “My week in workouts

  1. Hey good on you, that’s a big week! I definitely recommend investing in a hydration pack like a camelbak or a waist belt, that’s a long run to not be taking on any water (especially when taking gels). What is the track like on the way out to Petone? I’m considering it for one of our long runs but I’m not sure how safe it is running along the Hutt road.


    • Thanks Heather! What do you use for hydration? NYC marathon bans camel baks so I think I will invest in a hydration belt, do you have any that you would recommend? There is a special cycle / pedestrian track that is fenced off. It was a really easy place to do a long run to. There was about 2km where you have to run on the cycle trail on the road next to the motorway though, it’s probably a bit dangerous. Where do you usually go on your long runs? How far are you planning to go before your marathon?


  2. Wow Soph impressive week of training… I bet it will be getting full on! Whats the longest you are looking at running for your training? I have been using a hydration belt with 4 wee bottles and is really good as you can mix in two with gels and then have two just water :) x


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